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A Targeted Approach

4Roto is focused on the supply of specialty resins to the rotational molding industry. Our RMPP141 polyethylene is designed to bridge the gap between PE and engineering grade materials for rotational molding.

Contact us today and discover a new world of product possibilities with PSD Rotoworx RMPP141– the tough, affordable Polypropylene resin.


Why consider Polypropylene?

  • Superior performance to polyethylene. Produces tougher, stronger, more temperature resistant products

  • Has a wide range of uses in demanding applications

  • Can open up new applications and markets

  • Solves problems where strength or high temperatures are required

Why RMPP141?

  • Affordable – no cryogenic grinding

  • Has good moldability

  • Good balance between stiffness and impact

  • High FNCT/ESCR giving improved chemical resistance

  • In stock and readily available


Your source for the newest resin solution for the rotational molding industry.

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